10 Unique Wedding Apparel For Brides – New And Uncommon


The wedding is an important event in one’s life. Both the bride and groom want to be unique and beautiful on their special day. So, you have made a list of some wedding apparel for brides which can really give you extraordinary look.


10 Unique Wedding Apparel For Brides


LEIN is a wedding dress with a big cloth necklace around your neck. The designer of this dress was inspired from his childhood memory of horse riding.  This wedding dress gives a bride a royal and bold look. It is also comfortable so you need not worry about wearing it all day long.

lein wedding apparel for brides

Brandon Maxwell

Long, silky and modern – these are the words that go with this wedding dress pretty well. This dress will be most suited and fitted for the bride who is long and sleek.

Brandon Maxwell wedding apparel for brides


Dana Harel

This Dress is ultra-modern. And transparent. Who is like to show up a little this might be a right choice for them. This dress can give a bride a fairy look.

dana harel wedding apparel for brides


Another lovely and transparent wedding gowns. This dress is really unique and provides you with the highest level of comfortability. Everybody will definitely like the polished and small-scaled design all over this wedding dress.

Costarellos wedding apparel for brides

Ashi Studio

If you like to wear a long, heavy and stylish dress on your wedding day, this might be your first choice. Everybody will definitely praise your choice on the style after wearing this wedding dress.

Ashi Studio wedding apparel for brides


If you want to make yourself look simple then you can choose this wedding dress. It is simple but uniquely designed. This dress is becoming popular in Australia and people in Europe are likely to use it nowadays.

Maticevski wedding apparel for brides


Sophie et Voila

It’s a wedding dress with China trends. That means this dress is like Chinese dresses. It’s also silky, long silk which gives you classic look. The long drop-waists gives you the look of a Chinese queen. People are actually liking this wedding day a lot.

Sophie et Voila wedding apparel for brides


Alex Perry

This long, wide and frock designed is also a trendy wedding dress in 2018. It makes you look really beautiful and stylish. The dress is best suited with wide open long hair and blond brides. You might have to wear high hill shoes with this dress to get the most out of this wedding dress.

Alex Perry wedding apparel for brides

Chana Marcellus

Gorgeous and precious. These are the two words that go completely with this wedding dress. This dress is pretty different from other traditional wedding dresses. But it really gives you unique, different and stylish look.


Yolan Cris

The last one of our list is for those who want to show herself a little bit more seductive and attractive. You can have a bold and sexy look by wearing Yolan Cris wedding dress and can amaze everybody with your wedding event.

Yolan Cris wedding apparel for brides


These are the wedding dressing you can try for a unique and trendy look. You can also get all wedding makeup and beauty ideas here.  Don’t forget to share us on social media to let know your friend trendy fashion and lifestyle ideas.


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