Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes – Check and Catch the Trends


Halloween is all about wearing extraordinary costumes and we, people are always excited to see what our favorite celebrities wear as their Halloween costume. Today this article is about best celebrity Halloween costumes we have found from the past years. It is also a reminder post in case you did forget about what the supermodels or celebrities wore on the last year Halloween.

Before getting started, let us show you some top Halloween costumes from the previous year.

Top Children Halloween Costume from 2017:

  1. Batman Character
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Superhero
  4. Star Wars Character

Top Celebrity/Adult Halloween Costumes from 2017:

  1. Batman Character
  2. Witch
  3. Animal
  4. Marvel Superhero
  5. Pirate

Now let’s see what celebrities wore in 2017 as their Halloween costumes. This can help you get the idea about the best celebrity Halloween costumes trends. Also, there’s a good news for you. You can buy these costumes (both used and new) form the links we have provided after each costume. So, let’s proceed below.



1. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Silas as Toy Story characters

“Clearly Lil Woody is the boss of this Halloween rodeo! Love, Buzz, Jessie and Woody
-Biel captioned this adorable family photo.

Biel said it right they were unique and awesome as a family with this costume. And from people, this is one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Silas as Toy Story characters

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2. Perrie Edwards as Poison Ivys

Last year, we have seen many Poison Ivy on the Halloween but the Perrie Edwards costume as Poison Ivy was good and favorite to us. To buy a similar style costume, you can check Poison Ivy costume on here.

Perrie Edwards as Poison Ivys
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3. Holly Willoughby as Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was one of the most famous movies and Harley Quinn was the favorite one. In the last Halloween Willoughby’s costume as Harley Quinn was awesome and one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes. But this trend is not dead. You can wear this costume in this Halloween also. To get all the outfits from Willoughby’s Harley Quinn costume, you can check here.

Holly Willoughby as Harley Quinn


4. David Walliams as Donald Trump

American president Donald Trump was in the news and the trend throughout the past year. And David Walliams makes the use of that trend in last year Halloween. If you wish to have fancy Trump costume to wear in this Halloween, check out this wig and trump costume.

David Walliams as Donald Trump


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5. Rihanna as Raphael from the Turtles

Another awesome Costume we had seen in the last year Halloween is Rihanna as Raphael from the movie Ninja Turtles. Shen even had weapons like Ninja Turtles and was really looks like the turtles we have seen in the movie. You can check some ninja turtle things here.

Rihanna as Raphael from The Turtles


6. Towie Pascal Craymer as Zombie Playboy Bunny

On the last year Halloween, Towie Pascal Craymer takes the Halloween costume into a new level. She Makes herself a Zombie Playboy Bunny and this was one of the famous Halloween costume trends last year. Check out Amazon Playboy costumes for the sexy bunny and some velvet Hefner jackets.

Towie Pascal Craymer as Zombie Playboy Bunny


7. Heidi Klum as The Werewolf

Every year Heidi Klum gives us fun with his unique and some best Halloween costumes. Last year was epic and beautifully designed. In MJ’s Thriller in 2017, Heidi Klum makes herself as a werewolf and that was really good.

Heidi Klum as The Werewolf



Who does not want to know about their favorite celebrity’s fashion? People always try to get an update and follow the recent trends from their favorite supermodels or celebrities. It is also a great joy to know about what they are wearing on various occasion. Such an occasion is Halloween. As, this year Halloween is coming soon, and if you are excited to figure out what your favorite celebrity wear on this October 31,  or what you should wear to make others think of that “Why didn’t that idea come to their mind”, then check this article to get Halloween costume ideas for 2018.

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