Best Cheap Perfume for Ladies [10 Unique Choices for You]

best cheap perfume for ladies
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Who doesn’t love to smell good or love perfumes? We all do. Similarly, ladies have a huge passion for perfumes. How about getting perfumes at a cheap price? Well, iFobia has listed here 10 best cheap perfume for ladies, isn’t it amazing?

We all feel that perfume has something enchanting and powerful. Our personality is also reflected in perfume. Even perfumes are the best and intense form of memory. So, let’s go-ahead to know about the best cheap perfumes.

By saying cheap perfume, thoughts will differ from person to person. Some people may compare that the price will be less than any branded perfume. Again some may think the quality will be so good. Well, some can think both. We, therefore have thought something totally different from others.

By meaning cheap perfumes, we tried to list those perfumes which have the same cologne of a branded perfumes. At the same time, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy that. You may be thinking is there any kind of product that exists?

In the event that we researched for you and listed 10 best cheap perfumes for ladies


  1. Beyonce Heat By Beyonce For Women

Are you one of them who is confident and not afraid of your desires? Then, this one is for you. Beyonce Heat portrays its creator herself. This perfume is an expression of feminine power, sensuality and also elegance.

Peach, neroli, orchid, and magnolia are used for its top notes. In middle notes- almond, musk, and honeysuckle are included. For base notes- amber and tonka are included. This creates a very warm and balmy ambiance.

  1. Live Luxe By Jennifer Lopez

Live Luxe shows the passion of Jennifer Lopez for dance or anything luxurious.  The outlook of the bottle is unique just like the fragrance of it.

Moreover, the perfume bottle is so colorful and well designed. It has a very fresh and fruity fragrance. This perfume has peach, melon, pear, honeysuckle along with that vanilla, musk, and amber. This perfume lasts longer than many expensive ones.

  1. Good Chemistry’s Queen Bee

Queen Bee is one of the best perfumes by Good Chemistry. It has four collections and each perfume expresses a different personality. Here they are:

  • Vibrant and Playful is refreshing and cheerful.
  • Good and Grounded is natural and floral.
  • Cool and Collected is earthy and sophisticated.
  • Confident and Charming is very soft and sweet.

There are a lot of options available in Good Chemistry. These perfumes are not only exciting and amazing but also very inexpensive. It means it confirms that for it you don’t have to break the bank.

What do you think about the list on the 10 best cheap perfumes for ladies

Best Cheap Perfume for Ladies
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However, the list is going to be fun and helpful for you to get perfumes at a cheaper rate.

  1. Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

This new fragrance is by pop star Jessica Simpson.  This perfume will take you to the past of floral fragrance. In the top note, the perfume has lime zest. The middle note contains raspberry blooms and peony. Musk and sandalwood are added at its base note. They make a great combination together. This perfume justifies the list of best cheap perfume for ladies.

  1. Just Me Paris Hilton

This Perfume was launched in 2005. It has a trendy cocktail fragrance of fruits and flowers.  This perfume at uppermost note firstly contains raspberry, bergamot, pink pepper and powdery violate.

Secondly, its seductive heart contains lily, white rose, freesia, and iris. Finally, the base will introduce you to a soft and gentle fragrance of  Tahitian vanilla, Egyptian sandalwood, and musk. This one is really inexpensive to its features.


More Ideas For You:


  1. Curious by Britney Spears for Women

This blue diamond-shaped perfume is a cheap one along with that it has a beautifully fresh fragrance. It is a floral-fruity, bright and lively perfume. This one is also for them who want something energetic, sensual and also mischievous.

It was launched in 2004 and was a great hit among the public. The base notes are of white flowers with vanilla and musk nuances. This opens with a fragrance of fresh lotus, pear, and magnolia. The intense heart contains tuberose, jasmine and pink cyclamen. All these things make this perfume worth checking out.

More on the best as well as an affordable perfume for women


Best Cheap Perfume for Women
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Are you liking the list of perfume? Should we proceed?  If yes then let’s check what’s next in the list of best cheap perfume for ladies.

  1. Love Struck By Vera Wang

Do you love classic floral perfumes? Then this one is for you. Moreover, it has both a classic fragrance for traditional women and youthful fragrances for the free-spirited young generation.

The bottle has a beautiful flower at the top. The perfume has fruity top notes, flowery middle notes, and earthy base notes. It opens with juicy pink guava and angelica blossom. In the middle, it has lotus flower and sensual tuberose. The woody notes and sheer musk gives a solid perfume base.

  1. Katy Perry Killer Queen

Killer Queen is created by Katy Perry with the partnership of Coty.  This perfume is named after the famous song  “killer Queen’’ by Queen. The song is about a strong, independent woman who fascinates everyone. Again the fragrance of the perfume goes perfectly with the song.

The bottle is red ruby shaped and comes in a golden pedestal.  The fragrance is very playful, sophisticated, powerful and delicious also. The top notes contain wild berries, dark plum, and bergamot. Middle or heart notes are of jasmine and red flower celosia.

It finishes with cashmere, patchouli, and liquid praline. The fragrance is very captivating and immediately grabs attention. Considering all above the things Katy Perry Killer Queen makes a great sense on 10 best cheap perfumes for ladies.


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  1. Ariana Grande Ari Eau De Perfume

The perfume was launched in 2015 and named by pop star Ariana Grande. The outlook of the bottle is outstanding. It makes the first impression. The smell is really soft and sweet.

This opens up with a fruity scent of grapefruit, raspberry, and pear. The middle note contains lily-of-the-valley, rose, and vanilla orchid. Well, the base note is totally different from others. Because it contains not only wood and musk but also a touch of marshmallow.

Now we are about to the end of 10 best cheap perfumes for ladies

  1. One Direction Our Moment

This perfume is a duel one, it means floral-fruity perfume for women.  The top notes contain pink grapefruit, red currant, and forest fruits. Middle notes have freesia, jasmine, and frangipani and the base is a perfect blend of woods, patchouli, and musk.

The fragrance makes this perfume worth buying. This is really inexpensive comparing its quality.

In conclusion, we hope that you will be benefitted from the list of the best cheap perfume for ladies. This list will help you to know about the feature of the perfumes, the types of perfumes and about the quality of the cheap perfumes. Let us know in the comment section what do you think about this article.

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