Best City in Europe for 3 Days [iFobia’s Tips for You]

So, you decided to go on holiday, right? Why not try to fit it with Europe. Europe is a very nice place to living and also for traveling for a short or long. Most of the travelers seek to make their trip start from here. As a consequence, we-iFobia, here bring some tips to travel to the best city in Europe for 3 days.

To start with, Europe is the place of passion, adventure with amazing amusements. People thinking to go to Europe for the trip make them delightful insider. They also get a little bit of excitement at the moment of traveling here.

Afterward, here in Europe, someone can enjoy the various kinds of things, hidden beaches, wild-life, sea surfing, hiking, and so on. Therefore, make a tour plan in Europe for a short time, just became an “only?”

To make a touring plan to the best city in Europe for 3 days, On the off chance that it demands a lot of concentration. Be that as it may, we have made a great survey on it.  Among all the expertise in this field we’ve talked with, they are very keen to speak regarding it.

On the other hand, we also got some real experience fro those very frequently travel to Europe. Eventually, those who made their travel very recent here. Considering all the conversations we have a conclude a vital guide for you on-


The Best City in Europe for 3 Days


  1. Paris, France:

Overview: This is the first place comes in mind while taking a measure on it. Paris is called the city of light. Here, in Paris, light never off. This city was also known as the lover’s heaven. People become more romantic while they enjoy the atmosphere of Paris.

What to enjoy most: Paris is the capital city of France situated in the heart of Europe. From the very first era, Paris renown for global art developed culture and fashion. It is a city that never sleeps. The great louver Museum, The Basil fort, Ancient Notrdem Cathedral is located here.

Additionally, Paris attracts more travelers regularly for it’s some great landmarks, Ifel tower, for instance, one of them. On the off chance that Paris is globally well-known for its café-culture. Millions of tourists visit it every year. Even some of them visit repeatedly. As it is one of the best city in Europe for 3 days of travel.

Moreover, the Seine river made Paris more, even more beautiful. It flows beside the city. The Seine is the almost 777 km long river of France that allows you for a great river cruise. Therefore, making a storytelling trip to Europe, Paris got all the possessions.

best city in europe for 3 days
image: Adobe Stock

Accommodation: Here, in Paris, there are plenty of hotels, apartment hotels, and resorts. You can have one of them for yours. The prices are not all the same, some are cheaper, relatively some have cost more. Our advice to make touring the websites related to this as often they offer a discount.

Fooding: What to eat solely depends on you, however, generally in Europe food cost a little bit more. In light of the fact, you should be slightly tricky to choose to eat. Yet, never miss the great French cheese, salted butter caramels, for instance. Furthermore, if you are a hard-drink lover, why not have a taste of the great Champagne.

Transportation: Don’t be silly, Paris contains most ancient and one of the largest metro railway systems in the world. Besides this, if you wish to fly in the sky, possible.


More in The Best City in Europe for 3 Days


  1. Venice, Italy:

Overview: The city of canals. The city where never you experience road transportation. On the off chance that it is the one and the only floating city of Europe. It is the capital of the northern Veneto region of Italy. Basically, Venice is a combination of more than 100 islands in the lagoon of the Adriatic sea.

What to enjoy most: Nothing but the Gondola comes first in mind to enjoy. Be that as it may, make the day-long tour for gondola ride from one to other islands. Above and beyond, don’t forget to make your foot-print on the pleasant foot overbridges.

In addition to that, there are numerous hidden arts shops that may attract you. So, why not have a twist of this?

best city in europe for 3 days
image: Adobe Stock

Accommodation: As it is one of the most touristic places and the best city in Europe for 3 days, or even more, Venice has lots of hotels and resorts. There also have apartments that waiting to be rent by travelers. And, price is subject to the availability, tourist pick season, etc.

Fooding: We firstly recommend not to miss the great Italia Pasta. Pizza also might have in your mind, so try to grab it as it yours. Consequently, taste traditional Italian foods. Truthfully, tons of luxurious restaurants are there, maybe waiting only for you.

Transportation: No way but a river cruise. Besides this, you may wish to walk around to look at the city. However, there is a water taxi operated by the Venice authority. It’s likely affordable. Relatively, you can hire a private one cost more.


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What’s More The Best City in Europe for 3 Days Making A Trip


  1. Budapest, Hungary:

Overview: Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Basically, the hilly district Buda is connected by a bridge with the Pest city- this is Budapest. These both city is bisected by the great Danube River.

Moreover, the hilly ancient Buda is a very old town that contains tons of ancient infrastructures. On the other hand, the pest is completely a flat area. The legend city Budapest situated in Eastern Europe.

What to enjoy most: Don’t miss to enjoy the chain bridge that connected Buda with the Pest. Furthermore, here, in Budapest a lot of castle and viewpoints waiting for travelers like you. Therefore, making a city daylong tour can make great sense to you.

Moreover, if you are slightly liking to have time in the bar, this city is for you. On the off chance that people come here for a relaxing thermal bath. Considering all the things never forget to keep Budapest in the best city in Europe for 3 days list.

Accommodation: Plenty of great hotels with affordable budget waiting for you. Have a look at the web related to the hotel site. On the off chance that Budapest is one of the budget-friendly cities in Europe. In the heart of the city, you may wish to stay, however, it cost a little bit more.

Contrariwise, if you run to slightly inferior from the main city, you may have some extra cash in your pocket. Therefore, you can utilize it additionally shopping for your loving person.

Fooding: Don’t waste your time finding the restaurant, rather go to the street directly and have food from there. In light of the fact, the street foods of Budapest is very popular among the European city. Numerous types of delicious, spicy or other tested street foods may be waiting for you.

Transportation: Luckily among the European city Budapest offers the most budget-friendly transportation system for its habitant. Also for the tourist. Thanks to the diversified and modern transportation systems of Budapest. It makes the tourist spot more visible and close for the voyagers.


Other Best City in Europe for 3 Days May Attract You Most


  1. Berlin, Germany:

Overview: Berlin the capital city of Germany also known as the coolest city of Europe to some extent. Subsequently, it is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe. Berlin is the great witness of the 2nd world war holocaust.

During the cold war, berlin was divided East & West by a wall- called berlin wall. But, end of the 19th century the wall has been fallen. Berlin becomes its own feature. Plenty of picturesque landmarks makes berlin an attractive destination among all in Europe.

Here, in berlin people work hard and lead a harder life. As a result of berlin also called an uneven lozenge of Europe. This is edgy city can make your trip meaningful by its coolest feature.

best city in europe for 3 days
image: Adobe Stock

What to enjoy most: Don’t forget to see the symbols of the reunification Brandenburg gate. Besides this, here you can see a lot of modern landmarks. Henceforth, gilded, jump-covered Berliner Philharmonie, it is built In 1963.

In the event that we recommend you visit the Glass dome the Reichstag. Never forget to have an experience of the great Berlin Cathedral. Explore one of the world’s largest Berlin museums. Consequently, the Berlin zoo and the Holocaust memorial also make sense for travelers.


Relationship Goals:


Accommodation: As one of the best city in Europe for 3 days, Berlin may cost you a little bit more compared to others. However, plenty of options for stay and enjoy berlin may offer you a great deal, luckily.

Furthermore, if you make the tour on the related web for some discount offer just before starting your journey. It may enable you to some financial facilities. Yet, tons of hotels, resorts, apartments hotels are always well the voyagers. Conversely, some sharing of accommodation may allow you at a low cost.

Fooding: Hey, you are in Germany, don’t you think that you are missing something? Yes, you are right, the hamburger. Don’t miss to have a taste of the hamburger in its own home.

Above and beyond, apart from this, you can enjoy all the foods here, even the continental also. Relatively, the cost solely depends on you. As there is street food also with a cheaper costing, yet, a disciplined dinner may cost you badly.

Transportation: Thanks to Berlin’s transportation system as it allows you to trip with very fast. It reaches each and every corner of the city. In light of the fact, it is most affordable also. Besides this, you can rent the luxurious car, even limousin also, if you wish to.


The Last But Not Least ( for Today) The Best City in Europe for 3 Days


  1. Madrid, Spain:

Overview: Madrid is known as the sunniest city in Europe. Madrid enjoys almost 300 days out of the 365 days sun shining each year. This feature makes it an extra attractive place to see. It is the central capital of Spain.

Subsequently, glorious architectural infrastructures, extensive gardens make Madrid the best city in Europe for 3 days traveling. Madrid also renown for its historical rich storehouses of European arts and culture.

What to enjoy most: First to see the legendary Real Madrid football Club. Also, never miss the iconic stadium. On the off chance that you may wish to see the historical weaponry at the Royal Place and armory.

On the other hand, the Puerta Del Sol consider the best and topmost place to see in Madrid. So, don’t miss it. In every 31st December, people stay here to celebrate the new year. Furthermore, from here Spain’s six major roads start.

What’s more about the best city in Europe for 3 days and to see in Madrid? Moreover, the National Archeological Museum also a place of a must-see. Consequently, the Prado museum may attract you to spend some time with it.

best city in europe
image: Adobe Stock

Accommodation: Tons of hotels welcoming uncounted travelers every year warmly. List of the hotels is from cheapest to most luxurious depends on the spending capacity of voyagers.

However, luckily, Madrid compares to Berlin, a little bit of low-cost city among all the European cities. Additionally, if you can arrange any local family to welcome as their guest, it’s amazing for you.

Fooding: Slow, however, steady- this is the main strategy of having Madrid food. In the event that starts with the local ones. Then, slowly go for the others, even yours, as all can be made for you here. It offers one of the most delicious foods among all the best city in Europe for 3 days.

On the other hand, don’t forget to have a taste of seafood. You can enjoy street food here very commonly. As almost all the terrace is like a restaurant. Moderately, don’t leave Madrid without testing the Popular Suckling Pig- a most favorite traditional dishes.

Transportation: You need not worry about it while you staying in Madrid. As well as, you need not break the bank for it. All the corners of the city Madrid are connected by a very good transportation service at a comfortable cost. Also, the luxurious one is waiting for someones who want it.

In conclusion the topic the best city in Europe for 3 days, it to say that it makes a huge sense, positively. We, iFobia– just include here with some most popular cities. However, also keep in mind that whatever we stated here is also has some historical values.

Finally, keep in mind while voyaging, it’s your responsibility for taking care of nature. Therefore, it helps to preserve the eco-system. Thus, let’s nature thanks to you. We, always try to make your trip storytelling and meaningful.

If you think you can add something that carries some value for both you as well as us, don’t hesitate to raise your hands. We, always eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

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