Black and White Outfits for A Party [10 Ideas for You]

black and white outfits for a party
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Nowadays theme parties and celebrations are on-trend. The themes are also being very interesting. But if you ever invited to a “Black and White” theme party? Are you worried about how to make your look sophisticated and elegant? Don’t worry because iFobia has rounded up 10 cool ways on black and white outfits for a party.

Black and white maybe feel like specific, but most versatile outfits and fashion looks can be created with this. This combination gives you a way to play with these colors. Black and white are enough to make your look different yet eye-catchy among all.

Black and white can take your look from minimalism to the maximum. On the other hand, you can feel like your look will be bland or boring but working in your look will definitely make your look sharp and exciting.


How to dress up with black and white outfits for a party


  • Try to avoid other colors and maintain the theme in a black-white themed party. Like any other color’s bags, handbags or other jewelry.
  • At an evening party, women can wear something in silk or satin. However, cotton dresses are perfect for tea parties.
  • For jewelry, you can wear a pearl or diamonds. It will give emphasis to make your look more attractive.

In the above, we shared some brief knowledge of Do’s and Don’t. Now we will proceed to the ideas on black and white outfits for a party. Are you ready to check out the outfit ideas? If yes then let’s go and reveal our fashion ideas.


10 ideas on Black and white outfits for a party; Evening party


1. White Gown

black and white outfits for a party
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A ball party is thrown and you are invited to the party. But the theme is black and white. Don’t panic because you easily can wear off-shoulder (showing your beautiful neckline) white ball gowns. White gowns will make you look elegant.

For accessories wear a diamond or pearl necklace. However, if you don’t own one you can easily wear faux jewelry. No one will understand the tricks.

2. Slit Gown

Invited to an evening party but the theme is black and white. Wondering about getting an idea of black and white outfits for a party?  How about a gorgeous slit gown? A slit white or black gown will make you look more attractive.

If you wear a glittery white or black gown with a small purse and high heels. White small earrings will just complete the look. Such beautiful you will look!

3. White Dress with Black Jacket

Short and mid white dresses are very much classy. You can carry a plain black jacket. If you going to an evening party, you can take up this look.

Carrying a jacket and a chain black bag with a short or mid lace dress will make you look so classy. In that case, you need something comfortable yet fashionable.

Till now we gave you some ideas on black and white outfits for a party in the evening.  But if you are invited to a themed office party then what did you think about it? If you don’t know how to make you look presentable then we have some ways on this.

More  ideas on Black and white outfits for a party; Office party


4. Striped Blazers 

black and white outfits for a party
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How can we forget 2019’s most fashionable attire? Black and white stripe blazers give such a vivid and bold look. For a striped blazer choose verticle lines because it will make your body look more lengthen.

In addition, these blazers can be worn with the same kind of pant and white or blacktop. A full black jumpsuit with a striped blazer makes you look so classy. Silver accessories, for example, a bunch of rings or a layered chain will complete the look.

5. White Blazer

Are you invited to your office party? And need to wear something formal? Don’t stress yourself. Every woman has a white blazer in her wardrobe.  Get your white blazer and pair it any black formal pant or any black dress will give a modern look.

In that event, a clean-cut white blazer even with any black satin dress gives a very formal and sophisticated look. You can finish your look with an ankle boot and any lather bags.


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6. Black or white pant looks

In our wardrobe, we all have black or white paint. We can make several looks using these basic colors:

  • Black pants with a white blazer and check top or shirt.
  • Black pants with a sheer white shirt and black blazer.
  • White pants with a black and white check shirt.

For any kind of office party, you can take up these looks with pairing with black shoes or ankle strap heels and a leather bag. Wear minimal accessories, for instance, a watch or some rings.

We till now covered two topics( evening party and office party) on how to dress up for a black and white themed party. Let’s know more about wearing black and white outfits for other parties.


Rest of ideas on black and white outfits for a party; for other parties


7. Snake print 

black and white outfits for a party
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Snake print will make your party look a bit different. You can wear snake print pants or trousers with a black or white top.

On the other hand, you can wear a full black dress and carry a snake print bag. What do you think about the look? We think these two will make you look different from others in the party A cocktail party with friends is where you are gonna have fun maybe all night.

8. Bohemian look

Your friends arranged a black and white themed beach party and you are worried about how to get ready for a beach party? You can take up a bohemian look with a white long slit skirt and a black bikini top.

Subsequently, you can wear white bead or silver jewelry and a pair of sandals are just perfect for all white beach party outfit.

9. Lace dress

Got an invitation to attend a yacht party or a cocktail party? But the theme is black and white. Don’t worry because we have a surprising idea for you. A white lace dress will make you look sophisticated on the other hand a black lace dress will give you a bold and attractive look.

In addition, carry a long jacket with a midi lace dress. Simple pump heel will complete your look. You can carry a waist bag with it. That will give a different touch to the look.


Last but not the least of black and white outfits for a party


10. White dress with a black fur jacket

black and white outfits for a party
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Winter is coming and this is also a season of the party. If you are attending any party then you can wear this simple look yet can gain all the attention.

Wear a figure-hugging white dress and top it with an oversized black faux fur jacket.

 It will add a little warm and give a perfect winter look. Go with ankle or over knee shoes and a black chain bag. You are ready for the party!

In short, today’s fashion discussion on black and white outfits for a party will help you to set fashion goals in a black and white themed party. However colors are a big part of our lives, but still, you can make your appearance outstanding by wearing black and white.

If you have any fashion and styling ideas regarding black and white, then let us know in the comment section or you can message us.

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