7 Cheap Places to Go On a Vacation Which Are Really Awesome


With the term ‘cheap’, we anticipate compromising a lot of things regarding quality. But that shouldn’t be the case every time we hear it. For example, if someone says cheap places to go on a vacation, it won’t suggest poor slum areas in the world to visit.

So, if you’re planning on a vacation trip with your loved ones with a limited budget, we encourage you to look at our list below. It’s because we have listed some tourist-friendly places which will not drain your money quickly.

The places listed here cost under $150 on an average for a night in hotels. You’ll see some places in the USA and some around the world. So, let’s get started.


Cheap places to go in the USA

1. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the waters of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, and many more things featured by this city will make your vacation a memorable one. Costing about $2200 for a week for two persons, Harpers Ferry is a really attractive place to go.

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Who doesn’t love Oklahoma City, right? With its mesmerizing views and foods, you’ll love the city instantaneously. The cost to spend a week in this city is around $2000 for two persons which are worth the stay.

3. Pompano Beach, Florida

Love the ocean? If yes, you must go to Pompano Beach for your next vacation opportunity. This family-friendly area would cost around $2100 for two persons for a whole week to stay. Isn’t that great?

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Cheap places to go: World Wide

1. Mérida, Mexico

Mérida is the capital of a Mexican state named Yucatán which is rich in Mayan and colonial heritage. You’ll find many attractive sites in and just outside the city. Spending a whole week will cost almost $2000 for two persons in this city.

2. Xi’an, China

Who hasn’t heard about the prestigious ancient Silk Road trading route? You’ll be amazed to know that Xi’an was the endpoint for the Silk Road. So, you can imagine how rich this city would be in terms of culturally mixed monuments and sites. Staying here for the week would cost around $3000 for two persons.

3. Jeju Island, South Korea

Many tourists seriously consider South Korea to spend their vacation because of the country’s scenic beauty. The small-sized Jeju Island would take your breath away once you reach there. The place is a bit costly considering our list which would cost you about $3800 for the whole week for two persons.

4. Tbilisi, Georgia

Not the Georgia you’re thinking about. This one’s actually a country. The country’s capital is Tbilisi which is also the largest city. It connects Asia and Europe. The natural beauty is comparable to nothing with the Caucasus Mountains one side and the Black Sea on the other. It’d cost around $3300 a week for two persons in this city.

Final words

You’re seeing some not so popular destinations on the list. But there’s the fun. You get to check out some untapped mesmerizing places without getting to pay a fortune. So, don’t rule out as disgusting just by hearing the words ‘cheap places to go’.

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