7 Easy But Amazing DIY Crafts For Home Decor You Must Try

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DIY crafts for home decor is now a trending things people are attracting more. Because, a beautiful home is a dream for most of us. Imagine after a long hectic day, you want to come to a place which makes you calm, where you can relax and free your mind. A messy and untidy home will not do that for you. It will make you messier.

But beautiful home decorating pieces are expensive. Not all can afford those. So, the alternative is DIY crafts for home decor. These cheap DIY home decor projects are easy to make and saves you a lot of money as well as makes your home beautiful. So here are some easy DIY projects for your home.


1. Embroidery-Hoop Photo Frames

Take an embroidery hoop for each of your frames. Take a piece of fabric slightly larger than the hoop. Then stuck the fabric into the hoop. Take any photos of your choice and place in the center of the fabric and using scorch tape stuck it in place. After that take four pieces of triangle sized satin black fabric and sew it on the four side of the photo and you are done.


2. Papier-Mache Bowls

This DIY crafts for home decor are for your kitchenware. To make this DIY product, take a bowl of our choice of size and cover the outside with plastic wrap. In another bowl mix one part of glue and one part of water. Take slices of paper and dip it into the mixture. After that lay the top of the paper of the plastic layers. Cover the bowl properly and let it dry. The separate the bowl and paper. Cover the paper bowl with wax and painter tape and it is ready to go. Decorate it with any props of your choice and see how beautiful this easy DIY project looks.


3. Frameless Candle Decals

This may be the easiest DIY project you can find. All you need is a candle and waterslide decal paper. Then download any image of your choice and resize it to fit into the candle and print it. The follow the instruction given with the paper and transfer the image into the candle. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Lastly, apply a coat of a protective sealant.


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4. Recycled-Sweater Sham

For this DIY crafts for home decor, you will need a pillow and a larger sweater at least one inch larger than the sweater. Insert the pillow inside the sweater and sew it from three sides. After that take out the pillow and turn the right side out and take the pillow inside again and sew the one side which was left. This cheap DIY home decor project not only cost you any money but also increase the beauty of your living room way more.


5. Paint-By-Number Side Table

Measure the surface of your table and mark that measurement on the painting you want to use. Draw a line along the marked area and cut it down with a sharp craft knife. Secure the painting on the table surface with a strong glue and let it dry. Use two coats of plaid clear acrylic matte sealer to protect the painting. This piece will look like a high-end table in your home.


6. Cane Chair

You will find this kind of chair in any ubiquitous thrift store. But make this as your DIY crafts for home decor first, draw a pattern with a pencil in the chair. Then use back stitch to thread chunky yarn through each opening. And guess what? You are done. This easy DIY project will add a playful vibe to your boring room.


7. Paintbrush Vase 

For this, you will need a plain vase and use two rubber band around that. Then you simply have to tuck paint brushes until it’s completely surrounded all around the vessel and you are done. How simple is that? And this simple DIY will give you a unique product out of a very simple vase which will enhance the beauty of your house.


DIY crafts for home decor

These are the easy DIY crafts for home decor you can try as a newbie or starter. The more DIY decor ideas are coming into our website. You can check our DIY category to be updated and make new and amazing things.


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