How to be happy in unhappy marriage [6 tips for you]

how to be happy in unhappy marriage
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There can be many reasons as someone is leading an unhappy married life. Well, some prefer to be separated and some want to stay. Are you one of them who is unhappy but still want to stay in your married life? Finding ways on how to be happy in unhappy marriage? We- iFobia brought some new ways, practicing them will help you to be happy in your unhappy marriage.

In today’s discussion firstly,  we will talk about some of the reasons for being unhappy. Secondly, common reasons to stay in your unhappy marriage. And lastly, we will show you the ways to bring happiness in your life despite of staying in an unhappy marriage.

Most of the reasons for being unhappy in marriage:

  • Disharmony.
  • Careless behavior
  • Unforgiveness
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of trust
  • Miscommunication

These are some of the major reasons which make a married life unhappy. Despite being unhappy in your marriage, you decided to stay. Surely now you are searching at how to be happy in your unhappy marriage.

Moreover, there can be many reasons for a person to stay in his unhappy married life. For example, it can be an affection for your children. Also, it can be the reason for being several years with your partner. Or, maybe you are hopeful and praying for your problems to get easier.

Here are some common reasons to stay in your marriage


  • Affection for children
  • Don’t want to be alone
  • Want to avoid the hassle
  • The stigma of divorce
  • Avoid facing financial difficulties
  • “I want to be happy, however, together.”

Perhaps you also have one or more of the above reasons to stay in your unhappy marriage. Though it’s your personal choice. Sometimes these reasons make a friendly relation between the two persons. However, if it didn’t happen with you and searching for the ways how to be happy in an unhappy marriage, we are here for you.

Till now did you find the reasons similar to your present condition? Don’t worry, we have some effective solutions for you.

As you have made your mind to stay in your unhappy marriage. However, you can choose a miserable life or can find new ways to be delightful. Firstly, you need to find neutral and positive ways. Then by practicing them, you can be happy in your unhappy marriage.

Positive ways on how to be happy in unhappy marriage


1. Try to be self happier  

how to be happy in unhappy marriage
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A person who is happy from inside can keep others happy. Self-healing is also important. Involve yourself with the work you love to do. Mix with the peoples with whom you feel happy. Try to spend days without your partner. Don’t let your happiness be dependable. Ignore the negative sides and focus on positive things in your life.

2. Try to be happy by flow moments

Flow moments means keeping yourself happy in every situation. Besides, we can say whatever difficulties you are facing but still focusing on being happy. Even, if the world falls, you are giving all the attention to the positive things and keeping yourself genuinely happy.

However, you should be prepared for any unwanted circumstances. Subsequently, if you are a writer or an artist you may understand it better. Try this method whenever you find ways on how to be happy in unhappy marriage.

3. Lead your own life despite marriage

Maybe you tried a lot to cope up with your partner but couldn’t. However, learn to lead your life by less thinking about your marriage life. As you are in an unhappy marriage, the more you will think about the problems, the difficulties will grow.

Get your own life without your partner and above all give priority to yourself. Stop expecting anything and find alternative ways. When you will stop expecting your partner to be with you, It will increase your self-independence.

Do you think these ways are going to help you more, even, more? If so, then we love to step further on- (As this is not the end. Rather, we have more ways to be happy.)

How to Be Happy in Unhappy Marriage


4. Involve yourself in art

Keep your love for art. There are many types of art. You can engage yourself in those things. Expose your inner creativity.

  • Show your creativity by painting
  • Design you desire on fashion
  • Take singing or dancing classes
  • Blogging is now another trendy way to show your creativity.

Art gives a new vision to see our lives. We get to see life in a new prospect. It helps to learn new things. On the other hand, get a new way to ignore negative things in life.

5. Engage social activities

Social activities will make you a more social person. You will be able to grow a new circle. Some new things will be added to your life which will help you to forget your unhappy married life. Volunteering will give you a sense of purpose in life.

  • Find an organization that needs people to contribute to the help of an animal shelter or food bank. You can work as a volunteer there.
  • Moreover, you can help the needful people or teach orphan children.

Social activities engagement will help you to interact with the same mentality peoples. You will also feel better by doing different types of social works.


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What’s more to the response on how to be happy in unhappy marriage life


6. Work on your interest

how to be happy in unhappy marriage
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If you are not happy with your spouse then try to be happy individually. We all are passionate or interested in one or more than one thing. We should work on our passion or interesting topics. For instance, traveling helps to explore the world, Knowing the unknown facts.

  • Some people love to write. They can express their hidden feelings by writing stories or poems.
  • Gardening is another way of spending a good time. Its a hobby of many people.
  • Photography is an interesting thing. Do photography if you feel interested or passionate.

Developing your interest and engaging yourself with worldly activities is a good idea of keeping happy. To be happy and avoid the problems of marriage life, you can involve yourself with the things that you are interested in.

To sum up, today’s discussion, hopes we are successful to give you effective solutions yet new ways on how to be happy in unhappy marriage.  When your marriage fails to make you happy, create your happiness. Because in the long run if you are not happy from inside, people around you will not be happy with you.

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