How to Be Independent in a Relationship 10 Tips for You

how to be independent in a relationship
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Are you afraid to be in a relationship because it seems losing your independence? Then you are wrong. Well, you can be both an independent person and an amazing partner at the same time. If you are thinking about how? We- iFobia going to share some secret tips on how to be an independent person in a relationship.

After being single for a long time, many people face a problem with balancing independence behavior and relationship. Don’t worry we will not give you a compromise list. However, you don’t have to compromise rather making a perfect balance. Now we are stepping to solve the problem. Let’s reveal the secret tips we made on

How to Be Independent in A Relationship


  1. Having me-time: Everyone loves to spend time alone. If you are in a relationship that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with yourself. You also can go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your coffee alone. Read some good books.

Listen to your favorite music. You and your partner both need some space or personal time because spending time with yourself will keep both refresh and recharge.  A time away with your partner and a good time with yourself will bring more spice to your relationship.

  1. Fulfill your dreams: Your relationship doesn’t make an end to your dreams. All have their own dreams. You should not forget your dream while being in a relationship. Do what you love. Work hard and fulfill your dreams.

Of course, don’t forget about your partner. You should support him in fulfilling his dreams. Encourage and inspire him in his downfall. You are also supposed to get the same. Be each other’s support and strength in fulfilling dreams. So, this also a very fecund reply to how to be an independent person in a relationship.


  1. Do what you love to: To be an independent person, you should not forget to do those things that you love or which will bring you happiness. Keep your love for art. If you love dancing then take the dancing class. For instance:
  • Write some stories or poems.
  • Attend any concert of your favorite singer.
  • Travel around.
  • Take part in some social activities.
  • Take amazing photographs.
  • Paint your dream.

Don’t let you stop doing the things that you love most. However, You should also make time for your passions. It will keep you happy from inside.

When a person is happy from inside, he/she can keep her partners also happy. A happy relationship means you can manage your own hobbies or interest even being in a relation. Your partner also should be understanding about this.

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How to be independent in a relationship
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  1. Don’t give up your values: Everyone grew up with some values. But being in a relationship doesn’t mean you will have to forget or give up your values. You should respect your partner’s values. At the same time, your partner should respect your values. Don’t do anything against your will. Your partner should know about comforts and priorities. Moreover, he will love and embrace you with your values.

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  1. Love yourself: Loving yourself is one of the most important characteristics of being independent. If you love your partner that doesn’t mean you will stop loving yourself. You should be always top of your priority.

Don’t feel ashamed of making mistakes in life. Love your imperfections. Love yourself the way you are. Don’t let your insecure feelings make you upset. Always feel confident and say yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. Therefore, this is surely a great response on how to be independent in a relationship.

  1. Don’t forget your friends: Friends play an important role in our lives. They stand with us in our sad time and we get them in our happy times. Your friends are with you before your partner. So after being in a relationship don’t forget about them. Maybe there will be some of your friends who will not like your partner. But that doesn’t mean you will leave them. Spend some quality time with them.

 Life is not all about you and your partner. Your friends will give you different views of life. Learn from them. Enjoy your time with them. Well if your partner truly loves you, will also love your friends for making you happy.

So, how this sound to you? Good? Ok, then step for the next step on-


How to Be An Independent Person in A Relationship


  1. Find a new hobby: Finding a new hobby means doing something in leisure which will give pleasure. Try some things like gardening, fishing making arts or crafts, yoga or meditation, traveling new places, etc. Reading some good books. Going for a hike. Hobbies can be about anything.

New hobbies will help us to explore new places and things. It will help you to bring your inner creativity and learn new things. Expose your creativity by trying new things. You can also learn many creative works. Spend your time in whatever you feel interesting and refreshing.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up: If you are in a relationship that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own opinion. Speaking what’s in your mind is the characteristic of being an independent person. Even it’s the right of every person to express their feeling or opinion.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you will have to agree with your partner on every topic. You also can have a different opinion or disagree with him. Point out what he did wrong. Express what made you feel upset or disappointed.


Well, don’t be angry or crucial while expressing your opinions. Stay calm and speak your heart out. Share the ways of improving things. It will help your relation to be stronger than before.

  1. Be Yourself: Never be apologetic for being yourself. Your partner always should respect you. In the case of a career, whatever you choose to do, he/she should respect you. If you are a working woman then he should feel proud of that. Maybe sometimes it’s hard to adjust but never change yourself to be with someone.
  2. Improve yourself: No one is perfect in the world. If you are being yourself it doesn’t mean you don’t need any improvement. Self-improvement is always important to bring the best version of yourself. Take advice from friends and family. Learn and rectify your mistakes. Make yourself gentle and humble. This way you will also be a better partner as well as a better human being.


To conclude today’s topic on how to be independent in a relationship, we tried to show you some possible ways. Consequently, to stay independent and be in a happy relationship.

Obviously, it’s not going to be easy and overnight to be done. But the constant effort, being understanding the partner, can make this happen. So people be independent and also stay happy with your partner.

Thank you very much.

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