How To Be Positive And Happy – A Definitive Guide For Sad Souls


We always ask ourselves and often to other to know how to be positive and happy actually? Because we think we are not in good shape or not getting the happiness we want. It’s a common psychology of a human being. Sometimes it seems that we are in a deep sea of sadness or there is no edge of it. But there is always a way to overcome anything. Why do you just sitting idle and thinking too much and lay behind? Just change the way of your thinking. Yeah, that is the main thing that can change your life from being a sad soul.

So, the question is now what should be the way of thinking? We do respect everybody’s thinking way and their opinions. But not all of the thinking of human minds are not in good shape. You just need to shape your thinking and some habit with the simple steps below.


How To Be Positive And Happy – Its Just A choice

First of all, happiness is really a choice. All you need to be a happy person is you have to have a choice about it, have to decide it. If you wish to stand up and run, no one in the world can stop you. The brain power is the strongest power of a human.

But it is sad that most of us do not have the spirit. We always want to make it work or make it done for ourselves. That’s why we continuously giving excuses to others and even ourselves. So at the end, who is the looser? We ourselves.  So what we can do for it?

We need to:

  1. Create the right mindset. Determine what we want, how we want and work for it without thinking too much.
  2. Remove negativity from our mind. Negativity is like the spider web or like a virus of cancer. When we allow to start it in our brain, it will be growing and growing. We cannot think straight. We find negativity in all of the works and situations. Thus how anxiety rises and at some point, we will end up with being a sad soul.
  3. Don’t blame others or do not try to find any excuse. If you fail to accept it and try again and again.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

 ~Winston Churchill


How To Be Positive And Happy – Talk With Yourself

This is the most important thing to have a positive and happy life. Continuously talk with self about what you are doing, what you will want to do. Talk with yourself about the right and the wring every of your step. Judge yourself, ask yourself, make yourself the judge of you.

Feel ashamed of your dirty or wrong work. Appreciate yourself for your good works. Before going to do anything, talk to yourself about whether it will be good or not. Ask yourself what will be the future if you do this work or that work. Thus you can have a correct decision or at least do not regret in future. Thus you can have a positive personality and the fault of your works will be less. And you can have a happy life.

And this the way of how to be positive and happy.


How To Be Positive And Happy – Share Things To Others

Sometimes you need to share your things or ask for suggestions. Because no one can always be right. If we share our things and opinion to others, we can get several of thinking and opinions. Then we can judge our decision and can do the right thing. Then we can understand if we are in positive shape or not if we are thinking too much or not.

So, sharing is an important thing to be positive.


How To Be Positive And Happy – Always Prepare For The Worst

Make your mindset for the worst thing. In this world, anything can happen anytime. If we always wish and want for the best outcome, we may end up sadness and frustration. So, it is important to be free minded and increase your acceptance. Try to prepare yourself for anything.

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How To Be Positive And Happy – Get Your Self Busy

The last thing you can do is, get yourself busy with something. Something positive which can feed your mind and help you to think better. Books are always the best option for that. Books can nurture your mind to grow fresh. Can make your mind broad. Can help you to think positive.

But you have to choose the correct book for you, right? These are the best books where you can actually learn how to be positive and happy. Just get one and start read. Feed your frustrated mind, feed your sad soul.



If you feeling depressed most of your time? Or not have that happiness you want in your life? We suggest you start yoga or Travel outside for some days. You can then check the 7 destinations you can travel to make you happy.

We wish to end this article with this famous quote. This tells you how to be positive and happy in just some lines. Read, remember and try to follow.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu


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