How to Discipline A Teenager Who is Defiant [17 Secret Strategies for You]

how to discipline a teenager who is defiant
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Being a parent sometimes it becomes tough to handle your teenager, right? Even perhaps you have to face embarrassing situations because of them. Moreover, you may get worried about handling your defiant teenager. In the event that to reduce your stress, iFobia has got 17 stratagems on how to discipline a teenager who is defiant. Let’s reveal the ways.


To start with, let’s see, in general, what happens in this stage and why

To be honest, adolescence is a very delicate stage of life. In this period, teenagers have to face various changes in their physical and mental health. Hormones changing functions generally occur in this stage. The maximum of the behavioral and physical changes occur due to the changing hormones. For example, anger, argumentive behavior, ill-mannered and rebellious acts they may do to establish themselves.

Furthermore, they want to be independent and sometimes express it in the wrong way. Subsequently, they are unwilling to listen to their parents. They start thinking that they have grown up to take life decisions. As a result, they make most of the mistakes in their lives.

Consequently, this phase is similarly new to the parents. The changing behavior of their teenagers at times makes them worried. Therefore, often the parents also don’t understand how to make them realize.


So, what to do?

At that time, parents shouldn’t be hurry to take any step. Moreover, They should sit calmly and think about how to tackle the teenager.

Ok, now let us allow to ask you:

Are you facing the same kind of problem recently?

Hopefully not.

However, if yes, then this article is for you. We strongly recommend you to read this and try to spread over these effective strategies on them. Here we go:

 17 secret strategies on how to discipline a teenager who is defiant


  1. Be their respective role model

Family is the place where your teenagers spend most of the time. Consequently, whatever you do they notice it very closely. Hence to deal with them you have to be their respective role model. Then, behave with them in a positive way.

how to discipline a teenager who is defiant
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After your positive behavior and understanding of them, they will also start looking forward to you. Subsequently, always be gentle with them. Because more than words, your tone and delivery will be most effective to them. So, let them talk about you with their friends, respectfully.

  1. Communicate with them

Communication is the most important for every issue. Well, communication can solve, even any worst issue. In light of the fact, your teens may be going through some problems. You have to be with them during their tough times. Try to understand their circumstances. Be available for them and try to have an emotion exchange.

With the purpose of you can be acquainted with what’s troubling them.

how to discipline a teenager who is defiant
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One the other hand, don’t communicate with them when you are upset with something. That will put a negative impact on them. Relatively, make a conversation to make them feel better. Being connected with them is a great way on how to discipline a teenager who is defiant.

  1. Teach them to solve their problem

Once you are a parent, you are not only a parent. Along with being a parent, you are a teacher, mentor, guideline and so many roles you have to play. For that purpose, You have to teach them to solve their problems by themselves.

how to make your child discipline
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Furthermore, you should make them realize about the wrong things in their behavior.  For instance, being angry in any situation will not make things in place. Rather things get worse when people become angry. Additionally, teach them some technics to handle any situation whenever they are angry.

What are you thinking about the above plans to make your teen more sensible positively?

Do you think they are effective? If yes, then let’s move to reveal further technics.

  1. Make plans for them

Make effective plans to bring them on the right path. Teenagers are in a very emotional period of their life. Being rude to them can make them more defiant. Suppose, your teen made a mistake or misbehaved with you. However, if you also become heated at that time then the situation will not be calm.

Consequently, you have to keep a  plan to make them recognize their unwanted behaviors. Being rude or angry with them will only create a rift between you and your teen. Therefore, a calm and cool behavior can bring positive changes in them.

  1. Recognize their depression

Many defiant behaviors can indicate the underlying depression of your teens. For example, smartphone addiction, drugs, and alcohol, reckless behavior and so on. You should find out the problems behind their reckless behaviors.

how to discipline a teenager
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Because if you do not solve it right now. Then, in the future that can be a big threat to them. Thus, try to build up a good behavior relationship with them. So that they feel easy to share their pain with you. Additionally, Don’t be rude with them, rather be understanding and gentle.

Furthermore, Good bonding with your teens will make a difference in their behavior. This is an effective way of how to discipline a teenager who is defiant.

  1. Appreciate good behaviors

In the sense of bringing a positive change, you have to praise the little good things in your teens. Whenever they are doing something good, thank them for that. Your simple and little compliments will bring a big change in their behavior, surely.

They will feel cherished and will do more good works to be praised.

Moreover, they will feel more encouraged to do good works. Subsequently, they will try to adopt good habits to be appreciated. Don’t find faults in them. Rather, appreciate them for their tasks.

Now, let’s have some feedback from your end. How does this sound to you? Is it going to help you with the purpose we are talking about?

If so, then we love to ask you two questions:

  • What kind of behavior do you notice in your teen, Is it a little bit rough?
  • Do you think upper listed ways will help you?

If your answer is, “yes,” then let’s check out the last but not the least way of disciplining your teenager.

  1. Target one behavior at one time

Your teen maybe has different behavior problems. In that case, you find the most serious one for the first time. Focus on one problem and work on that. Work on their behavior one by one.

Suppose you find your teen at cursing everyone at home or being angry without any reason. In that case, make them understand that being angry can hamper the relationship with the close ones. Moreover, it will create problems in the long run of their lives.


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  1. Ask for support

On the off chance that it very commonly happens whenever our teens become a little bit disobedient, we got frustrated. In light of the fact, this is very negative thinking. Instead of that, we should pull ourselves out from it immediately.

How to communicate with a teenager
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Subsequently, we should be looking for assistance with it. In the event that, we may talk to a doctor’s experience on it. Eventually, find some social groups that are working on it. Lots of ways to find the real and effective solution we may get. Just it out and fit with it, that’s it!

  1. Try to think like they are thinking

This is a little bit surprising and difficult to do for you, yet, it’s a very fecund way to make them obedient. Due to teenage the appropriate age when brain developing activities generally occur. At this stage, they are going within a developing process that may not recognize all the good things as good.

Eventually, the process may take some time to adapt to the things that we (adult) consider normal and decent. Therefore, they may get frustrated and behaved like it. Regardless of the internal or external reason, they might think of them helpless.

This is the main reason- as most of the child psychiatrists are agreed, of mood swinger for teens. And to be very honest, we-the adults once, are not staying out of these conditions. Thus, it is a very intelligent way to think about what they are thinking.

  1. Involve them in some creative works

Most of the innovations come from fresh brains. Considering the matter seriously let them involve some creative works. As teens brain is like a house of wiring, however, incomplete. It means the main wiring hub is generated, yet not connected with the rest of the wirings.

how to discipline a teenager who is defiant
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Therefore, this is the time to make it appropriately as you wish to. In the same case, teens, you are thinking about is slightly indisciplined, due to each of their experience. Thus, all the things they are doing, think (by them) “its right, it’s OK.” Though it is not OK, you know that.

So, what should you do? Just seeing this and let the situation be changed by itself? No, rather, instead of this, you should take some positive initiative that helps to make them like you are thinking. Involve them in some creative, arts, paintings, taking pictures, for instance, works.

Let them think that they can contribute to society as well as the family also, yet they are too little to do so. It definitely builds up their confidence level. They will start running to think differently. As a result, they can show their covert talents also.

  1. Don’t quest for the immediate result

Keep in mind whatever you are observing in your teens regarding defiant or related behavior, is not made by one day. Rather, it’s a long-run effect of the environments they are living in. Therefore, if you want to change it overnight, that will be wrong thinking.

In the event that, you should allow some time for it. Give your loving kids some space to amend it. Time will realize them by itself-keeping this in mind, make them free for some moments. They will definitely work on it.

Moreover, don’t dare to let them alone for long, rather keep in touch. Just let them believe that regardless of the situation you are with them, always. Eventually, let them think (however, softly) whatever they did, was wrong. Moderately, whatever you are going to teach them, is smart work as well right once.

By doing this you are making your teens realize guilty. Consequently, they may feel ashame regarding whatever they did. However, this should be in a gentle limit, otherwise, it can be found horrible.

  1. Quest for the exact reason

Ok, you are really in trouble with your teens as they are behaving like that are not in a gentle way. In this connection, we wish to softly ask you a question- do you ever quest for the exact reason of it? Assuming, no.

Truth to be told that most of the parents exactly don’t know about it. Even, they are unaware of teen’s regular activities, in some cases. Yet, it is very important to know. At the teens’ age, they are in fact, very fragile. They may react inappropriately to the situation. Thus, misconceptions may grow.

Considering their age, as it is going through a developing process, just try to find the real cause of their behavior. Regardless of the causes are external or internal, immediately fix it. Relatively, make them involved in the fixing process.

  1. Never force them

You might be busy, thus try to fix the issue immediately. Subsequently, force them on it. This is a very wrong way to teach them. Even, it can be very harmful to you as well as them also. So, don’t dare to force them, rather make them understand softly.

Brief the circumstances to them, however, with due respect. Let them speak about it. Eventually, also let them talk regarding the solution. On the of chance that forces never can generate the right answer of any critical issues.

  1. Counseling

Keep in mind that counseling always works better than any other step. In this connection, there are tons of teen counseling organizations or clinics you can contact. In addition to that, some experience parents also can help a lot you in this contact. Don’t shy, rather speak out with them, ask for advice.

how to discipline your child
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Subsequently, they (teens) will also learn to behave cool and calm in every situation by a good counseling. That’s how you should work one by one in your teen’s behavior. However, keep in mind that advising should start from your home, otherwise the teens might react badly.

  1. Pass the quality time with them

Passing quality time with your teens really makes a great sense of how to discipline a teenager who is defiant. In light of the fact, you may very busy person. Consequently, not able to give time to your teens. It doesn’t mean that teens are not feeling your absence.

Rather, teens obviously feel you very deeply, but they couldn’t find you with them. This makes them frustrated, they might be feeling isolated. Eventually, that may lead to an unmannered behavior of them. In this situation, what should you do?

Very simple, just quality time with them regularly. Be with them always. Feel them and let them feel to you. Don’t let them think isolated, rather with the warm of you, constantly. Remember, it is your job to let them experience some quality time that they earn with you.

  1. Link them through blameless conduct

Your teens might passionate about some accessories, electronics, iPhones, other gadgets, for instance. In addition to passion, they think this very necessary for them. Eventually, they might think of it as a part of their daily living.

On the other hand, your thinking might be just the reverse of what they are. What should you do in this case? Scolding them very rudely and tell this is not for you? Or, keep them away from it at any cost? You should not. Rather, link them in this connection with blameless conduct.

Subsequently, coach them how can it harm them. Besides this, also confirm them that they can earn more good thing that is really time-consuming. They will definitely get the chance to get these types of accessories, however, not now.

  1. Get off replication

Yet, this comes at the lastly, however, very important. Keep in mind your teens are now at a certain developing age. It means they are not fully built yet, mentally. Rather, at a building process. Thus, any type of replication may make them bound to a negative attitude.

Moreover, if it is related to their behavior, it may cost more. Due to it very difficult to change behavioral related things in overnight. Therefore, if you feel to make the change for them in mannerism, make it once. If it is not a wok, then make it again, but in a different way.

Parenting is a challenging job. However, it becomes harder to tackle the teenage period of your children. Because their changing behaviors make the parents worried and sometimes uncomfortable.

To sum up, today’s discussion on how to discipline a teenager who is defiant might be helpful for you. We truly believe that to bring positive change is possible. As a parent, you have to make necessary changes in the environment to change your teens.

We impatiently wait to hear your response. Hopefully, you will be fruitful with the mentioned strategies to make your teen discipline. Relatively, we love to request you to share this with your connections if you find some positive in it.

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