Navy Blue Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations [ 7 Elegance Practices]

navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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Navy blue suit has all-time stood up the time and fashion. This suit can be carried in both office or any social events or any party.  All you just need to make sure the navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations. Well, if you are unsure about it you’re in the perfect place.

Navy blue suit has been in trending list for the last few years. For example, a navy blue suit completes an official look. In addition, it can make you ready for any kind of other occasion or party.

Blue is the New Version of Black:

Blue is always called the men color. It means blue suits men the most. Additionally, they are never out of fashion. Navy blue suits make a men’s look charming and more handsome. Moreover, blue is a challenging color nevertheless you carry it with the proper combination.

Blue has the adaptability that combines well with any other color. This color can be carried to any time of a season along with even day and night time. Therefore, a navy blue suit shirt and tie combination can prepare you for any occasion.  It will give you a bold and sophisticated look.

On the off chance that men are reigning with navy blue suits. If you also have one but worried about styling it then you should relax because iFobia has a total guide on a navy blue suit.


Here’s The  Guide on How to Style with Navy Blue Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations for an Official Look  


1. Navy Blue Suit – White Shirt

the navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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Do you have an office meeting tomorrow and thinking about what to wear? By closing your eyes pick your blue suit. Don’t worry about styling it.

A white shirt is one of the most common pieces in every men’s wardrobe. Pick your white shirt and combine it with your navy blue suit.

Along with that, a blue-white striped tie will complete your look. Well in case of choosing a tie you can go for a plain blue tie. That will also bring you compliments for your look.

2. Navy Blue Suit – Blue Shirt

Are you doubtful about the look? Don’t be. Because a light sky blue shirt with a navy blue can make a good pair for your office look.

navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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You have various tie options for instance, red, white, or navy blue also. For an office look, you can combine three to four colors. This look justifies the list of navy blue suit shirt and tie combination. Furthermore, this one will also go flawlessly for an office look.

3. Navy Blue Suit- Various Ties

Sometimes picking the right tie becomes the most challenging point. Whenever you are in confusion pick your white shirt and any kind of a bold color tie.

navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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In the event of getting the perfect tie with a navy blue suit, may seems difficult. But it’s actually not. If you are thinking of going for a bold look wear any bright color tie for example, yellow, green, dark pink and obviously any kind of a striped tie.

Are you sorted for your office looks? But recently invited to some party or your friend’s wedding? In that case, we have a full guide on that also.


Navy blue suit shirt and tie combination for party looks


4. Navy Blue Suit – Pink Shirt

Does pink color sound odd to you? In that sense don’t be hesitated wearing pink by thinking that pink is t a girl color. Since men are effortlessly carrying pink color.

If you are invited to any social event, you can certainly wear light pink, in addition, a bit darker pink.

Moreover, this combination will make you stand different from everyone.

If you are thinking about tie then you have plenty of options, for example, navy blue itself, white, green.




5. Navy Blue Suit – Striped Shirt

So you got a wedding invitation and thinking about a navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations? If the wedding is in day time then what about a striped shirt? This will give you a formal yet classic look.

Getting the perfect tie will make you look more fit to be seen. Be brave by choosing a bold color but make sure they combine well together. However, don’t wear a striped shirt and striped tie together. Your look will not be up to the mark.

6. Striped Navy Blue Suit

Let’s bring a change to your party look? Pick a striped navy blue suit. What say? A navy blue suit with light color shirts, for instance, white, light purple, light green, etc will compliment your look. For tie options, you can go for any kind of dark color.

navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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In the wedding season, this ok will make you stand different from others. Any color tie will complement your navy blue suit.


Last But Unique Style on Navy Blue Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations

7. Navy Blue Suit- Dotted Tie

How about a navy blue suit with a plain white shirt and silk dotted tie? Seems something unique right? In the list of navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations, this style is totally different from others. This look will make you effortlessly presentable at the party.

Instead of the white shirt gives a very classic look again the dotted tie brings variation and gives a new definition to your look.


You are all set to a party or your office look. But what about the essential accessories which will complete your look.  Moreover, without accessories, your look will feel empty. Here are the important accessories:

the navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations
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  • In the sense of accessory to a man, shoes get the first priority. The suitable shoes for a navy blue suit can be for example loafer, oxford, monk strap, derby. In addition, boots, Chelsea boots are also preferred for official looks.
  • Watches are a big part of styling. Lathers or chain both wristwatches go amazing with casual along with office looks. Simple strap watches are on-trend. This also will make you look more presentable.

To sum up today’s discussion on styling ways on navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations will help you to find your perfect look for any kind of event. Moreover, share your thoughts on today’s styling discussion. We would like to hear your ideas on this topic.

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