Privacy Policy



iFobia offering you the updates of relation & beauty tips and products. To provide more accurate and specific content to our users’ interest and preference, we collect their data. So, here we need to clarify our position and policy regarding how we handle user data and how to protect them.

Millions of readers get their psychological, mental, relation tips, gift and beauty ideas from our website every day. It also comes with trendy/top news and all sorts make up ideas including a wedding. We collect information and resources which are shown in different informative articles from various websites/companies. It also includes affiliation with third-party websites which means we promote the products of some bestsellers around the market. But we don’t violet any of our privacy policies doing that.



To improve the user experience, we need to collect the user personalized data. While browsing our site, you may stumble upon some sort of forms which would ask for some personal information from you like your full name, email id, your birthdate etc. Particularly, your email address is stored for further communication like sending website updates or promotional offers. Every information asked from you can be denied, or unsubscribe by you anytime.

We promise and guarantee that not a single bit of your information is sold for third-party use to anywhere. Hacking and leaking of your valuable data are nearly impossible because of the highly secured protocol implemented on this site.

Sometimes, we share some of your information under lawful process due to legal and safety reasons. No shared information of such kind is used for business.



Cookies are a common feature of our site like others which collects and stores your browser information while you visit our site. These cookies and log data are used to improve your browsing experience of our site. Your IP address, browser data, the pages you visit on our site, the time you spend on our site’s pages and your time, and date and location are used in this process. But you should know that you have the right and power to reject or remove browser cookies whenever you want.



You will always get some services like various fashion and gadget product review, product selling in affiliation with other websites from us, the iFobia team. None of your personal information is reserved outside of our website or to a third-party. We follow protocols and policies while processing your information. As you know, we also provide affiliated product links, you should be aware of those links because we don’t monitor or moderate those websites. You can check their privacy policy, terms, and conditions for more information because any harm or damage done by those links or websites is completely your responsibility.



Changing or updating our privacy policies, terms and conditions at any time is one of our reserved rights. You’re highly recommended and encouraged to check all those legal documents regularly to stay updated although any major update is notified by our mailing system if you’re our subscribed member.

For more information and query, you can go here in contact us and share your query with us. We’re 24 hours a day and 7 days a week available at your service.