Samsung Smart Watches for Women

smart watch for women
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If you think smart watches are only for men then you are wrong. Because most of the fashionable watches are made for women. Smart watches for women come in different designs, sizes, and colors. iFobia has got a list of Samsung smart watches for women which are unique and in range.

There are plenty of trendy watches that women can wear. However, before going to get any watch for yourself you should keep some things in mind. Here they are:

  1. Go with what fits your personality: Whenever you are buying a watch for you, keep in mind what kind of watch do you want. Those will help you to find the perfect one.
  2. Consider watch type: There are three types of watches are in the market- Analog, digital and Analog/Digital. Consequently, between the three types of you should know what do you want for yourself. It means what kind of watch you want for yourself.
  3. Style of watch: We all know that watches vary from each event. Like if you are going to buy the watch for any party or do you want a sports watch? Or you just want to buy a casual watch that you want to wear for everyday wear.
  4. Consider features: Before buying any watch you must know the features of the watch. For example, there is a computer in some sports watches. Along with that, there are some watches that will tell you time wherever you travel, It means for an international trip you can buy them.
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Subsequently, the water-resistance should get the priority to buy any watch. Even some gadgets tell the heart rate, how much you have traveled and so many things. In that case, our discussion on Samsung smart watches for women can help you to get one.

  1. Price range: Some people are ready to spend more on buying watches than other things. But you should know your comfort price range. Spend your money in those watches which will give you good features in a medium range. Price should go with the value you are getting.

Apart from the above factors, there are many other things that should keep in mind while buying a watch. Conversely, these aspects will help you to get your desired watch.

This time do you want to buy a Samsung smartwatch? And thinking about should you go for it or not? Don’t worry because we got you all the information to help you. Let’s get started:


Samsung Smart Watches for Women

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung got some amazing smart watches for men as well as women. Their new watches have amazing outlooks with great features.

  • Display: Starting with its outlook, this watch has a smooth and circular shape with a rubber stripe. The watch looks amazing like it works. The AMOLED display has a sharp high resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. To protect the screen from shocks and scratches they used Corning Gorilla Glass DX.
  • Fitness Features: Moreover, the watch has a sensor to monitor that gives heart rate along with that follow up to more than 39+ exercise types. The great feature of the Galaxy Watch is that it has GPS. It provides real-time tracking of their position likewise walk or run.

Furthermore, this Galaxy watch has health features also. It keeps a record of the quality sleep of the user.

Along with that the breathing sessions also help to reduce stress through breath regulation.

samsung smart watches for women
image: Samsung


  • Smart Feature: This watch works like a mini assistant that stays on your hand. Since it has a ‘’My Day’’ feature which will give a 10hour summary of your schedule.


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In addition, you can make online payments through it.

A worth mentioning feature is it has the ability to turn your watch into a home automation hub.

Last but not least, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is up to 3-4 days. Well, that’s a big advantage because you don’t need to charge it every other day. Moreover, this feature of the watch makes it better from other smartwatches.

  • Price range: This watch is an affordable one yet having all the outstanding features. To get this watch you will not break the bank. This watch really justifies the list of one of the best Samsung smart watches for women.

Previously discussed watch has all the amazing features but why don’t we go for the latest watch?

Here is The Best Featured and Latest Samsung Smart Watches for Women

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Display: The watch has a beautiful combination of a sporty and traditional look. This smart watch comes with four colors- Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, Gold and Pink Gold. Along with that, this watch also comes in tow sizes- 40m and 44mm.

Depending on the size, the AMOLED display is also either in 1.2inchs or 1.4 inches and with a high resolution of 360 x 360 pixels.

The watch has an option of easy navigation with the digital rotating bezel which is a great option for Android users. The women get a benefit because it has a pretty outlook with outstanding features.

Samsung smart watches for women
image: Samsung


  • Fitness Features: This waterproof watch has an ECG monitor that can monitor heart and wellbeing.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 automatically tracks up to seven activities for example running, cycling, rowing, swimming and it has a dynamic workout option. Furthermore, you can manually give input of up to 39 activities.

However, it does not have very many changes in terms of health and fitness from the original active model. Rather than the Running Coach which has accurate real-time metrics tracking.


  • Smart features: The watch supports 4G LTE beside Bluetooth and WiFi models. Furthermore, this 4G LTE connectivity helps you to receive all the calls and messages, even if you forget your phone at home. That’s a great advantage of the smartwatch.

Though the battery life of the watch is 2days on a single charge. Notifications, solid fitness and sports tracking features makes it worth to be in the list of Samsung smart watches for women

  • Price Range: The new features of the watch is- digital rotating bezel, a bigger size, ECG, LTE. We, personally, find the watch overpriced in comparison to its features.

In conclusion, today We discussed Samsung smart watches for women. We tried to sum up the display and design, fitness and health features, smart features and price range. We hope it will help you to find your desired along with that best one.

Additionally, We- iFobia always love to hear from our readers. Therefore, don’t forget to raise your hand- if you wish. It, indeed, will help us to go further for you, with you.

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