Top 10 Inventions You Might Wonder They Really Exist


People in this world are really genius and amazing. You will be wonder how could these things exist. Let’s see below what top 10 inventions are waiting to make your jaw drop.

  1. Food Pills

Can you ever imagine you can live without taking any food? Is it impossible, right? But a company named Soylent make that happens in reality. That’s why these food pills are in the first place of our top 10 inventions list.

You can say it as a supplementary of food but it really has the natural flavor of real foods and can really feed your appetite. It’s not only just a pill, the company promises that it completely fill up your nutrition. So with this food pills, you don’t have to prepare your food and can fill up your nutrition as well.

  1. Military Exoskeleton

You may have seen the military smart suit in Hollywood movies like “Iron Man” but a US company named Lockheed Martin makes it happens in real life. The suit is named HULC exoskeleton which is completely hydraulic-powered exoskeleton that provides it’s user the ability to carry his loads about up to 200 pounds along with his body. It is flexible in design and will be used for military purposes.

  1. Bionic Eye

Surprised, right? Yeah, the bionic eye is in real and with it, a blind person can see in real. The “bionic eye” is made by the company Second Sight. The technology is made with electrical stimulation of the retina which activates visual perception in a blind person.

  1. Hovding Bike Helmet

Most of the people are annoyed to wear a helmet on their head. But you know how important is wearing a helmet if you’re on a motorbike or bicycle. Hovding bike helmet has made an easy solution for you. It actually put on your collar and when it senses collusion, it enlarges like an airbag around your neck and covers your head which protects you from major injuries.

  1. Bug Fighting Machine

Ever face trouble fighting with insects or are you not good knocking out flies? This Bug fighting gun is really a handy thing to shoot out insect from your food and a way to have fun as well. Watch this video how this machine works. This is definitely one of the funny top 10 inventions you may have seen in the world

  1. Scooter-stroller hybrid

Are you tired of carrying your baby all the time? Scooter-stroller hybrid can make that thing easy for you. It is combined with a baby stroller and scooter. You can go anywhere faster with this scooter-stroller hybrid machine. It really a fun thing to try out.

  1. Full Body Umbrella

When it is raining and the wind is strong but you have to go out then it might be a handy thing to use. It covers your full body and protects rain, wind and mad splash.

  1. Baby Mop

Babies like to be on movement all over the house and get dirty with the dirt of the floor. So the baby mop protects your baby from being dirty and helps you clean the floor while it moves around every corner of your house.

  1. Duck-Billed Muzzle for Dog

Do muzzle does not look good always. And it is not comfortable for your dog all the time. But what if you find a cute alternative muzzle for your mutt? Your search ends here. This duck-billed muzzle for a dog really looks cute and funny. And it is also comfortable and harmless to your dog.

  1. Fish Tank Toilet

The last one of our list is the really funny thing you can see ever. A Chinese firm has come up with an idea with a fish tank toilet. Where you can keep your gold or aquarium fishes into your toilet flush. It is a space saving idea for pet lovers with have not enough space to pet aquarium fishes.

That’s all for today. Hope we will come with a new and amazing top 10 inventions list for you soon. Till then you can read our other articles on top amazing things on the earth.


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