Top 5 Good Mistakes That Comes Useful Later


How on earth can a mistake be good? But in this world, some mistakes are quoted as good mistakes as they are founded useful later.

Do you know some things are on earth are made with no intention rather those things are invented accidentally? Today we will show you that the top 10 things that were really invented by accident.

Safety Glass

It is an amazing thing that safety glass was not invented on purpose. A chemist named Edouard Benedictus once knocked a glass breaker while working at his laboratory and end up with a conclusion that glass breaker can shatter but don’t break. After a research and with the help of his assistant he found that the glass breaker contained cellulose nitrate which is a type of crystal natural plastic. It had also a film inside of the glass that makes it more durable. The safety glass then had been in production after his filing a patent for his invention.

Potato Chips

At this time you are really amazed, right? Yeah, we were amazed as you are now when we first found this on the internet. It should be a lovable good mistake for all the french fires lovers. First, there were French fried potatoes. Then in 1853, a chef named George Crum was annoyed by a customer when the customer kept sending his French fries as a complaint. Crum was so annoyed that he sliced the potatoes as thin as he could. After that, he fried that sliced potatoes with salt.

But surprisingly, the customer did like his this type of crispy potatoes then it became potatoes chips and started selling world-wide.


You all know penicillin which is now known as the antibiotic was accidentally invented. And becomes the lifesaving good mistake on the earth. Famous scientist Alexander Fleming was researching on staphylococci (Staph) in his lab. He was left for a month and when he returned he saw an amazing thing on his laboratory table.

He then found a strange and unknown fungus on the culture he was working on. And he found more than the fungus killed all of the bacteria surrounding in that culture. Then the history of modern medicine had created and has been saving the lives of millions of people.

Super Glue

Super glue is a special kind of glues which you need in your everyday life. But this thing also made accidentally by Harry Coover. During the World War II, there was a try of making transparent gun sights. But the elements in that gun sights did not work properly but it had a durable glue power which can strongly bond things.

After 9 years later, it was realized by Coover that it can be a useful thing to get bond almost anything. That’s how superglue was invented.


You may have amazed that fireworks actually invented in China about 2,000 years ago and it was invited accidentally by a cook. The cook wanted to make fun and was mixing elements what he found on his kitchen. He mixed charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur all together and it burned. He kept the mixture in a bamboo tube. After a while, an explosion was seen. That’s how fireworks invented by an accident.

We have tried to gather the most uncommon thing that was invented accidentally and becomes the good mistakes on the earth. If you know any other interesting thing that was actually invented accidentally. Feel free to let us know. We will value your information.


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