Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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Do you love traveling? Searching for some new places to explore? In the Southeast region, there are thousands of temples, ruins, cultures, unique natural attraction and obviously many varieties of food to taste. Here are the top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia that are must in your wish list. Moreover, these places will not make travelers disappoint.

Before going to tourist destination why don’t we take a moment to know the benefits of traveling? Travelling has obviously plenty of benefits. So, let’s go further and know what Southeast Asia tourist places will teach us:

  • It will give you new friends, new stories and new experiences.
  • Travel will give you a break from your monotonous life. Along with that, it will improve your mental health.
  • These places will introduce you to new and different people from different cultures. In addition, you will get to know about their lifestyle.
  • Traveling helps you to spend a happy and fun time with your friends and family. Moreover, you will be able to create lifetime memories by clicking photos.
  • You will get a real-life education. It means you will get to know about various cultures and meet new people which books can’t provide you.

Subsequently, these tourist destinations in Southeast Asia will help you to explore the unknown. In Addition, you will be able to gain knowledge about some most exciting places.


The beauty of the top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia

Scenic Beauty

Southeast Asia has all the best places to visit. For instance, it has beautiful beaches, hills, temples and many more. Moreover, the places will make you surprise with it’s surreal, enchanting and sensuous beauty. The beauty of the places will make your holiday worth it.


Tradition and culture

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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Southeast Asia is a group of variant countries middle of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific ocean. Furthermore,  It is enriched with history and culture. From Indian to Chinese, western, these places are influenced by many kinds of cultures. The western travelers will get to know about the historical temples here. Along with that, they will get simple accommodation in fishing villages and luxurious hotels in big cities.


Hills and beaches 

In Southeast Asia, tourists will get to see amazing beaches moreover the beauty of the hills. The cultural and traditional temples will take you to historical times. In addition, the scenic beauty will make your mind refresh. The beaches will give a relaxing vacation, on the other hand, the big cities will give pleasure to the shopping lovers. There is every different kind of beauty is present on the list of top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.


However, the best thing about finding a tourist destination in Southeast Asia is, you don’t need to take a long leave from the office. You just need 7 days for a holiday and you can explore the beautiful places with friends or family.

Meanwhile, we got to know about the beauty of Southeast Asia. Subsequently, what the places will help us to know about. For example, what can be the benefits we can get by traveling these places. Now, let’s move on to the list of best places.


 Top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia


1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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Are you looking for adventures and a blissful tour? Then, this place is perfect for you. This place is located in the mountains of northern Thailand. The city is a paradise and local people call the place ‘’the rose of the North’’.

  • The scenic beauty of the place will amaze you.
  • You can enjoy the daytime along with night time.
  • From getting Thai massage to many more attractions are present for instance, natural parks and many festive.
  • The best time to visit the city from December to May.

Nowadays Thailand is gaining popularity for the tourist destination. In that event, the full moon party, scuba diving and kayaking along with the relaxing spa made this place at the top of our list.


2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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This city is the capital and also the largest city in Malaysia. This is one of the busiest places in Malaysia. Along with that, this is one of the most happening places on our list. Moreover, this city is filled with various cultures, traditions and many people come here for vacations.

  • This place is known for shopping malls.
  • You can have a luxurious family vacation here.
  • Visiting Twin tower, Batu Caves and shopping at Bukit Bintang and many more.
  • The best time to visit the city is from May to July and December to February.

This city is a perfect place for shopping lovers and a luxurious family vacation. Along with that, A large number of people from around the world visit the place.

Are you liking tourist destinations? Are you planning a relaxing beach tour? Thinking about where to go? Well, don’t worry because for a  beach tour we have some exciting places.


Beaches on top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia


3. Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is now the center of attraction for tourists. This place is called ‘’Islands of god’’. Moreover, it has all the features for a romantic tour to friends chilling tour to a family happy hour. Again, This place has also many religious sites like Uluwatu Temple.

  • This place is full of palm trees, black sand beaches, mountains, temples and many more.
  • This place is like a tropical paradise and perfect for a blissful beach holiday.
  • Bali has the appealing beauty of looming volcanos. This place is famous for surfers.
  • The best time to visit the place is from April to October.

It has enough place and things to explore that will keep a tourist busy. This place justifies our list of top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. 


4. Phuket, Thailand

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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Are you a beach lover? One of them who loves to splash in the water. For a relaxing vacation, this place is perfect. Phuket is a rainforested and mountainous Island in the Andaman Sea and the most beautiful beach in Thailand.

  • This place has beautiful sea beaches and shores.
  • Perfect for any relaxing vacation and also for the honeymoon.
  • The best time to visit December to March.
  • People can enjoy water sports, locals foods, beach hopping, diving, and many more things.

Phuket has many old shophouse and busy markets. The main resort town Patong has many clubs for enjoyment. This place takes credit for making Thailand popular nowadays. Moreover, this place is one best place in our list of the top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.


Last but not the least of tourist destinations


5. Bohol, Philippines

top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia
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Are you looking for some astonishing natural places for your holiday? Well then let’s move to a beautiful place in the Philippines. This city is situated in the Central Visayas region and has numerous surrounding islands.

  • The unusual chocolate hills, beautiful corral reefs are its center of attraction.
  • You can explore the wonderful beauty of the place.
  • Swimming near the Hinangdanan and Danao Adventure Park, Pango Islands, Chocolate hills, are worth visiting.
  • The perfect time to visit the place is from November to April.

Along with the chocolate hills, the place is perfect for jungle lovers. It’s truly one of the best places among Southeast Asia. The travelers will not be bored and get disappointed. They will enjoy to their fullest.

We iFobia tried to list some exciting and beautiful tourist destinations in Southeast Asia for travel lovers. Are you excited to explore the top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia? Though Southeast Asia has a lot of tourist destinations we picked top 5 from them. Hope you will have a lot of fun with your loved one.

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