Types Of Parties You Can Join – Some Great Party Outfit Ideas

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We American do party a lot but we do not know there are several types of parties happing around the world. Today this article is about the parties people are enjoying. Reading this article you will also know the different party outfits ideas as well.

A few years back, there were a few parties people had and they had to wait for that party for a long. That means, there was a long interval between the two parties. But things have changed nowadays. People have various occasions now go through a party. Gradually there arises different types of parties and different types of party outfit ideas.

So, what types of parties are happening around the world in 2018? Check below to know more.


90s Themed Party

This is the most trending and famous party nowadays. Recently teenagers are tending and arranging this type of parties a lot. So, what happens in this parties? Simply, people come here wearing 90s like the costume and act like they have gone into the past 90s time. Actually, in this parties, you will see the effort of practicing old traditional culture.

If you go to one of these parties, you need to wear 90s trendy clothes which are still sold in 2018! After going to a 90s themed party, you will find there are groove and retro music all over, people are dressed like 90s and you feel like you just have traveled back to your era.


Christmas Party

Next most happening parties in Europe is the Christmas party. People almost all over the world celebrate this day and do party a lot. Generally, Christmas parties are held at night with family and neighbors.

For this party, there are lots of Christmas Dresses you can buy online and wear for this party. People are like to wear red and white dresses mostly in Christmas party.


Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party or Masquerade ball is like a serious party. You need to know what happens here before attending these types of parties. In this party, you must bring your mask and choose a darker and gorgeous outfit. It would be better if you match the color of your Masquerade Party mask and outfits. People generally dance here as an unknown person and getting to know each other through their dance. This is one kind of elegant dance party.


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Pool Party

Pool parties also are happening a lot in recent years. People love to party beside their indoor pool with drinks and short dresses in the summertime. Before going to a pool party, do not forget to take skin toner or summer body lotion, sunglass, and extra cloth.

However, this types of parties are more playful one and party music everywhere around the pool. You will definitely get joy attending this party.


Bachelorette Party

This party is held before one of your friend getting married. If you are invited to this types of parties, remember, you are one of the closest friends of your buddy. So, this party is for totally crazy enjoyments, do whatever you like, drink how much you want. The outfits for this party are easy. You can wear a lace dress, jumpsuit, or a satin dress for this Bachelorette Party.


House Party

The most common party we all attend and arrange. People do a house party on various occasion. You can do this party for a gathering of friends, family, and neighbors. Generally, this types of parties are indoor parties and you do not need to give much attention to your dress. Do a low makeup and try to wear a comfortable dress for this parties.


Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are held for celebration or generally it is like an office party. This party is nearly formal. So, your dress up for this party should be formal and classy. A long sleeve gown or sleek trouser would be perfect for this parties.


Dinner Party

This types of parties are one kind of house parties and formal. But there’s a thin line between cocktail party and dinner party. You may put heavy makeup on your face for this party and wear a comfortable dress with gorgeous ornaments. Whatever you wear to a dinner party, your dresses should be subdued and subtle.


Boat Party

Generally, boat parties are held on a private yacht full of rich people. Besides, people are having this parties with medium size boat to spend their summer vacation. There are lots of drinking and fishing opportunities in boat parties and people do crazy things here.

Your costume for the boat party should be slit maxi or strip dress or bikini. Whatever you wear at a boat party should be as comfortable as you can enjoy the summer weather.


These are the parties you can find around the world. People are crazy and it is fun to have a party with friends, family, and people around you. It really can refresh us from our day to day routine and gives us memories of joy.

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